I’ve just let these little things,Slip out of my mouth,’Cause it’s you Oh, it’s you,It’s you,They add up to,And I’m in love with you, And all these little things 

-Little Things (One Direction)

Hello ! xx I'm Turkish Directioner. We can talk? ^---^

sim mais no momento não posso tenho que ir pra escola , mais tarde nos conversamos :)

I know it has nothing to do with the blog, I liked the photos and created a graphic

that look and that mouth surprise me every minute

Chicago - 29/8


Look at the stars, look how they shine for you x

happy birthday, liam!
Happy 21st birthday Liam!!!

Happy Birthday my chubby, love you, and want you to be very happy in this life, I wish you all none good, my perfect toy story, 21th, already matured and ready to shine, more is already shining , Liam Payne 21th